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Vacancy: Technical Assistance Consultant

Vacancy: Technical Assistance Consultant

Background and overview of the Renacer Foundation:
The Renacer Foundation is an organization that works to eradicate the sexual and commercial
exploitation of children and teenagers through accompanying programs and comprehensive
care to victims, prevention, research, training, and advice to organizations and communities
from the perspective of protection, defense, and restitution of children’s rights.
The Renacer Foundation is leader in knowledge production, design, and implementation of
research programs, prevention, and treatment of child and adolescent victims of sexual and
commercial exploitation that works as reference and facilitates the articulation of national
and international, public and private institutions for the development of plans and programs
aimed to eradicate commercial and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
The goal of the Renacer Foundation is to accompany abused and/or sexually exploited
persons, from a victim-centered approach, in their process of personal, familiar, and
community growth that will allow them to reassume the exercise of their rights and
responsibilities as a citizen.

Position Description:
The Renacer Foundation seeks a Technical Assistance Consultant to play a significant role
in supporting the organization’s compliance with U.S. Government donors, including the
U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S.
Department of Labor, etc. This position will provide advice, interpretation of existing
organizational policies and procedures, and suggested revisions of existing organizational
policies and procedures. Also, the Consultant will help to draft policies and procedures for
comply with U.S. Government funding rules and regulations, as stated in the Code of Federal
Regulations and specific Award Terms and Conditions. The Consultant will work in close
consultation with the Renacer Foundation to further enhance the administrative and
governance, financial and accounting, and grant management processes of the Renacer

Principal Responsibilities:
The Technical Assistance Consultant will work with Renacer Foundation personnel in
Bogotá, Colombia to:
• Provide advice and interpretation of the US Government Code of Federal Regulations and
the U.S. Terms and Conditions, related to grants and cooperative agreements.
• Work closely with the Finance, Administrative, and Programs Teams to enhance
understanding of US Government rules and regulations, related to grants and cooperative
• Develop formal policies, tools, templates, guidelines, and training, as needed, to ensure
optimal implementation and understanding of U.S. Government grant requirements.
• Support efforts to review, revise, and complement existing administrative policies,
procedures, and tools to ensure they are suitably compliant with U.S. Government
• Support efforts to review, revise, and complement existing and new financial policies,
procedures, and tools to ensure they are suitably compliant with U.S. Government
• Support efforts to review, revise, and complement existing grant-making and grant
management policies, procedures, and tools to ensure they are suitably compliant with U.S.
Government regulations.
• Provide input and develop practical solutions to compliance implementation issues.
• Other responsibilities related to compliance may be assigned by the Director of Finance
and Administration, as needed.

Consultancy Location, Duration, & Compensation
• This consultancy is based in Bogotá, Colombia and does not require any international travel.
• Competitive compensation dependent on experience.

– Applicants should demonstrate a process through effective training towards
improving an organization’s sustainable capacity building.
– Applicants should demonstrate past experience developing a process through
effective training towards improving an organization’s sustainable capacity building.
– Strong applicants should conducting a gap assessment upfront that notes areas of
improvement in the NGO’s organizational policies and procedures for compliance
with U.S. donor regulations. Based on that gap assessment, applicants should be
prepared to develop a proposed work plan that implements the identified needs and
that is customizable and accommodating to the organization’s various financial,
administrative, and program management capabilities.
– Proficiency/ fluency in English and Spanish.
– Applicants should demonstrate experience and capacity to conduct training in the
following areas:

o Financial Management & Accounting
o Grant Management
o Internal Controls
o Procurement
o Human Capital
o Human Resources
o USG Donor Requirements and Local Laws
o Audit Requirements and Resolution
o Assessing Risk, Internal and External to the Organization

– When appropriate, competitive applications may include:
o Opportunities for the organization to apply their new knowledge and skills in
practical efforts.
o Systematic follow-up with the organization at specific intervals (3 months, 6
months, etc.) after the completion of activities to track how the organization
is retaining new knowledge as well as applying new skills.

Activities that are not included in this consultancy, but are not limited to:

– Provision of humanitarian assistance.
– English language instruction.
– Development of any communications software and/or hardware
– Purely academic exchanges or fellowships.
– Theoretical explorations of TIP issues, including consultancies aimed primarily at
research and evaluation that do not incorporate training or capacity-building efforts.
– Micro loans or similar small business development initiatives.

How to Apply:
The consultant selection process will be conducted by the Renacer Foundation. Interested
applicants should send a cover letter, and CV (including two references) to (with Technical Assistance Consultant in the
subject line) by midnight Tuesday 14th, March 2023.
Due to the volume of inquiries, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
Applicants must be eligible to work in Colombia.

Fecha de publicación: 2 marzo, 2023

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